Christiano Rocha has been a professional musician and drum instructor since 1987.

He studied with Ronaldo Basbaum, Dinho Gonçalves (Mestre Dinho), João Parahyba, Sergio Gomes, Zé Eduardo Nazario, Emílio Gama, Pascoal Meirelles and Casey Scheuerell.

In 1996, he studied at the Drummers Collective in New York, where he completed the Advanced Certificate Program. He had classes with Bobby Sanabria, Frank Katz, Kim Plainfield, Mike Clark, Ricky Sebastian and Zach Danziger.

For over three decades, Rocha has contributed to the education of hundreds of students, including Andrea Gianangeli (Frank Gambale, Paul Gilbert), Bruna Barone (musicals such as “Cabaret”, “Crazy for You”, “Chaplin”, “Singing in the Rain” etc.), Bruno Graveto (Charlie Brown Jr.), Cesinha Martins (Ratinho TV show), Eloy Casagrande (Sepultura), Raphael Miranda (Ego Kill Talent) and Raphael Saini (Cripple Bastards, BillyBio).

In 2007, Christiano released his solo album “Ritmismo,” which was honored with the 2007 Music Incentive Award.
In 2014, he released the DVD “Um Par de Baquetas e uma Câmera em Barcelona”.
He is the author of the books “Bateria Brasileira”, “Play!” (both digitally distributed by Hudson Music), “Play 2” and “A que horas o papa ataca?”.

From 2008 to 2016, Christiano Rocha was a columnist and educational coordinator for the magazine Modern Drummer Brasil, conducting numerous interviews and articles. He also published articles in the Modern Drummer (USA), Batera & Percussão and Bass Player Brasil magazines.

In 2022, he released through Audioxpression the “Brazilian Drum Grooves Loops” and “Brazilian Drum Grooves Multitrack”, featuring dozens of Brazilian rhythm loops and multitracks on drums.

Rocha conducted drum clinics in Brazil, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, France, England, Italy and Switzerland.

Between 2012 and 2020, he launched four online courses: “Aprenda ler sem traumas”, “Bateria Brasileira”, “Clínica do groove” and “Toque Batera!”

In 2023, he received the Diploma of Honor and Gratitude from UPARS (União Paulista de Artistas Seniores) for his significant contribution to Brazilian culture at an event held at the São Paulo City Hall.


Adriana Calcanhotto, Adriana Godoy, Adylson Godoy, Alceu Valença, Amilson Godoy, Amilton Godoy, Ana Cañas, Andreas Kisser, Andre Matos, Arnaldo Antunes, Arthur Maia, Baby do Brasil, Beto Guedes, Carles Benavent, Cauby Peixoto, Celso Pixinga, Chico Buarque, Chico César, Claudio Zoli, Clemente, Corciolli, Daniel, Davide Carbone, Derico Sciotti, Diogo Nogueira, Dominguinhos, Dori Caymmi, Edu Ardanuy, Elba Ramalho, Eric Marienthal, Eugénia Melo e Castro, Fabio Santini Trio/Quartet, Faiska, Falamansa, Filó Machado, Frank Colón, Ivan Lins, Iza, João Carlos Martins, John Patitucci, Jorge Aragão, Jorge Vercillo, Júlio Medaglia, Karnak, Kell Smith, Kiko Zambianchi, Lenine, Leo Jaime, Luiza Possi and Big Band Salada Mista, Marcos Davi, Mariana Aydar, Marinho Boffa, Martinho da Vila, Mart’nália, Mauricio Gasperini, Michel Leme, Milton Guedes, Mozart Mello, Naná Vasconcelos, Nuno Mindelis, Olmir Stocker, Orquestra Arte Viva, Os Cariocas, Paula Lima and Orquestra Paraisópolis, Paulinho da Costa, Paulinho Moska, Paulo Moura, Paulo Miklos, Paulo Ricardo, Peninha, Quarteto em Cy, Renato Consorte, Ritchie, Roberta Miranda, Roberta Sá, Rodrigo Santos, Sá & Guarabyra, Simoninha and Orquestra Heliópolis, Stuart Hamm, Taryn, Thiaguinho, Tom Collins Band, Toni Garrido, Tony Levin, Tony Lindsay & Kaduna, Toquinho, Wander Taffo, Zeca Baleiro, Zé Renato, Zezo Ribeiro, among others.


The course is flexible, designed to the needs and aspirations of each individual.

Regardless of the teaching format, diverse materials are used, such as:

Book/online course “Brazilian Drumming”.
Book “PLAY!” (with play-alongs).
Book “PLAY 2” (with play-alongs).
Material from the course “Bass and Drums: Playing Together!” (with playback).
Material published in MD Brasil magazine (since 2006), such as articles on “The Wonderful World of Rims” [part 1], “Learning to Read Without Trauma” [4 parts], “Power Up Your Fills” [cover story part 1 – part 2], “101 Grooves That Can Save Your Skin” [3 parts], “Cross Rhythms” [4 parts], “Metric Modulation” [3 parts], “Linear Rhythms” [2 parts], “Ghost Notes” [part 1 – part 2], “Not Everything is in Four” [part 1 – part 2 – part 3 – part 4], “Creating Odd Grooves” [part 1 – part 2], “eighth-note exercises” [part 1], “Studying to Make Mistakes” etc.
Original material with play-alongs.

Beyond the drum-focused aspects (reading/writing, technique, rudiments/application of rudiments, coordination, independence, rhythmic sense, metronome practice, sound, dynamics, stylistic practice, double bass, solo/improvisation, phrasing, groove creation, practice with various types of drumsticks, relationship with other instruments etc.), the aim is also to develop perception, musical appreciation and musical conception.

General Information:

The classes are private and last for 30 or 60 minutes. They can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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